Holding Tightly: My Core Faith Claims in Verse


In this article, I state a few of my core faith claims. I should preface that while I did write down these core faith claims, I would suggest it is impossible to capture one’s faith claims in written word. Faith, as Paul Tillich posits, is the state of being ultimately concerned. Therefore, faith is lived and is that which captures one, thus not making it easily captured into written word.


With that said, I do think written word can hint at the essence of my core faith claims, especially in the genre of poetry. In my core faith claims, the reader will immediately notice that they are written in metaphor which is intentional. I hold the creative method by which I wrote them as the central theological thread that holds these core faith claims together. I place far more importance upon the creative method by which I created them than the essence to which the words point. Without further adieu, here are my core faith claims:


I hold to multiplicity...
as numerous as the grains of sand upon the beach.
as flavorful as the food that lines the streets of Delhi.
as complex as that spider web you hesitated to brush away.


I hold to beauty...
as captivating as the eye is to the alluring country-lit night sky.
as colorful as the hues of trees filling the countryside of Maine in autumn.
as inspiring as your friend who consistently overcomes adversity.


I hold to relationality...
as playful as children during recess.
as innocent as adolescents during their first kiss.
as concerned as the activists who line the streets.


Finally, I hold to mystery...
as disruptive as a restless child.
as persuasive as gushing winds are to an exposed tree.
as elusive as the fly you’d like to swat.

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